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            Legal Research Associates was created in 1995 to save county jails and other corrections agencies time, money, personnel, resources, and legal risks by providing efficient and comprehensive off-site programs that support inmate access to the courts by taking the place of jail law libraries.

            Our innovative, alternative approach to meeting an inmate's right of "Access to the Courts" was born from one facility's challenges in complying with a Federal consent decree.

            LRA has substantial experience providing legal research assistance to inmates.  We currently work in more than six states with over one hundred (100) correctional facilities, and provide more than 8,000 responses per month to inmate legal research requests.  LRA is able to provide services to jails and prisons in all 50 states.  We have been serving our first client, Alameda County Sheriff's Office, for over twenty-two years and now work with over half the jails in California.   

             In association with Mark Cacho of Prison Solutions, Inc., LRA expanded its services to include Florida county jails and is presently serving twenty-three (23) counties.  Contact them to arrange an on-site presentation of our services at your agency.

            LRA, also, began serving county and city jails in Georgia and Oregon in 2009 and is already serving more than twenty (20) counties/cities in these two regions.  Since then, LRA has expanded its services to other Southeastern states.

            Some of the jails we serve house federal and ICE inmates.

           We look forward to serving your agency in its continuing efforts to provide inmates functional and meaningful access to the courts.

                                                                                  Yours truly,

                                                                                  Richard L. Williams
                                                                                  Attorney at Law-Founder of LRA


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