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The Benefits of LRA


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    Legal Research Associates
(LRA) is a court-approved provider of tailored inmate access and legal assistance services.  Administered by an active attorney-owner, LRA programs ensure compliance with the shifting access standards for diverse inmate populations, and offer a unique combination of tangible, cost-effective benefits, including:

      Personnel costs substantially reduced

      No longer necessary to transport or escort inmates to and from the law

      Security enhanced as inmates are no longer escorted to the law library
        or secured while there.  Only paper moves, not inmates

      Frees agency personnel to perform other necessary tasks

      Eliminates high cost of maintaining law library resources, books or
        computers at facility

      Recover library space to utilize for other purposes

      Liability and responsibility of providing law library access shifted to LRA

      Experience!  Established in 1995, we now serve thirty-nine (39)
        counties in California, and twenty-three (23) Florida counties.
Additionally, we have expanded our services to Georgia, and Oregon
        with a combined total of 18 county and city jails.
All together, LRA
        presently provides more than 6,500 legal research responses per
        month with a combined inmate jail capacity of more than 47,000.

      Quality!  Inmates get relevant legal information faster than seeking it

      Legal research materials updated as frequently as daily

      The latest technology in hardware/software

      Services tailor-made to fit each agency's requirements

      Litigation support, including response to any inmate grievances

      Program consultation & agency accreditation assistance

      Full response tracking and reporting

[chart comparing LRA with other systems]


      LRA offers a variety of program options from the basic compliance to comprehensive legal
       assistance services.  Call LRA (or email us) and discover your winning solution today.


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Professional inmate court access & legal assistance services for government since 1995.

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