Inmate filling out LRA digital request form

LRA's Virtual Inmate Law Library Service provides a cost effective alternative to maintaining a physical law library at your jail site.

Whether yours consists of bound volumes, computers or both, the cost of facilitating inmate legal research is very high.  Many facilities incur substantial expenses to update books or replace equipment damaged by inmates.  In addition, most are forced to allocate precious staff time to securely move inmates or incur liability by having employees aiding in the research.  The combined direct and indirect costs a typically much more than the cost of our service.  Also, important to note is that nearly all of the jails we serve pay for the service through Inmate Welfare Funds.


How the Virtual Inmate Law Library Program works

Inmate completes a Legal Information Request Form



Form is directed appropriately

Form is routed directly to LRA, or to a facility designee for approval and then forwarded to LRA.

LRA receives the request

LRA staff receives & reviews the request, checking for Pro Se status or imminent court dates, designates priority and assigns the request to a researcher.

Researcher researches request

The researcher compiles, prints and packages relevant statutes, cases and other content as appropriate in an open-ended envelope addressed to the inmate.

Envelope Sent to Facility

A response package is returned to a facility designee, by overnight courier, within three (3) business days of receipt of the request.

Response package delivered to inmate

The response package is logged-in and delivered by facility designee to the inmate.


LRA is able to adapt our services to the varying needs of agencies and facilities across the United States

  • We welcome the opportunity to work with your facility in finding
    the right program to meet your needs.

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